About Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

Many people have chosen contact lenses Australia to accent their eyes. Originally contact lenses were designed to replace the annoying glasses to help with people’s vision. Glasses after a while become irritating and they have a tendency to slide around on your face. Many children have been bullied and made fun of because of having to wear glasses. Because of the hassle of having to wear glasses on their face, many people have switched to contact lenses to help their vision. Of course it was to the eye doctor as usual to get the correct prescription and size of the contacts.

Do They Still Help The Vision?

Today the contacts are now made in color designed. Most are still prescription so it is a trip to the eye doctor for the correct prescription and size, but are also used as a fashion statement. There are a variety of different colors to change the colors of a person’s eye and certain treatments that will enhance a person’s natural color of their own eyes. These have become quite popular and have become quite a trend in eye wear. These are available in longer wear and disposable that are designed to only be worn a short period of time.

Why Are They So Popular?

• Can be gotten in different colors to match your outfits

• Can be gotten to fit your eyes without vision correction for color

• Can be gotten in longer wear

• Can be gotten in short term disposables

• They can make a fashion statement for the wearer

Why Do People Choose Them?

Most people will choose the contact lenses over the glasses because they feel more confident in contacts than they do wearing glasses. With the selection of various colors, it can help to make a fashion statement to where a person can obtain boxes of different colors to wear with different outfits. A person who has brown eyes and thinks that they look better with blue eyes can choose to order them in the color blue and it makes them feel better about themselves and the way that they look. When the colors are selected without the corrective vision, it is best to go to the eye doctor and get measured for the proper size so that they will fit properly.

Coloured Contact Lenses

When the lenses are selected to enhance the normal eye color, they are normally vision correction lenses. There are three basics tints that are added to the normal contacts. A tint is added that does not affect the eye color but helps to make finding your lens easier if you drop it or it slips out of your eye.

Of course there is a color tint that is added to the coloured contacts to give them that color that the patient wants to order. If you are wearing disposable lenses do not wear them any longer than the recommended length of time that is on the package. This could cause infections and eye irritations. Enjoy and choose the best contact lens that suits your lifestyle.

The Four Most Common Contact Lens Problems

common missteps

Should you decide to switch to contact lenses rather than wearing your more traditional eyeglasses, there are some common contact lens problems that you need to be aware of. The care and maintenance of your contact lenses is an important factor to ensure that you don’t encounter problems that can affect the health of your vision.

When you get your new contact lenses from your eye care specialist, they will advise you about their care so that your vision remains crisp and clear while wearing them. However, there are some problems that can occur with your contact lenses that if you can avoid will ensure you don’t experience any discomfort while wearing them.

The Four Most Common Contact Lens Problems Are:

1. Poor Lens Fit –

Though the contact lens may feel comfortable at the first fitting, as time passes you may find them becoming increasingly more irritating. This could be due to the fact that the fitting is either too tight or too loose.
Should the fitting be too tight, if you continue to wear your contact lenses you are at an increased risk of developing tight lens syndrome. This is a condition that can potentially cause damage to your cornea.

When the fitting of your contact lens is too loose, you may find that the lens easily moves across the surface of your eye. You may feel it become misplaced beneath your upper lid, which can prove to be irritating. People who experience their contact lenses having a loose fitting will find that they have a varying level of vision each time they blink.

2. Poor Contact Lens Maintenance –

When you decide to wear contact lenses it is important that you care for them as instructed by your eye care specialist. That includes cleaning them in the appropriate solution, and ensuring that your contact lens holder is kept fully disinfected. Otherwise you will find that protein deposits build up on the surface of the contact lens, and they will become infected with bacteria. This will make the contact lenses uncomfortable to wear, and will irritate the surface of your eye.

3. Damage to the Contact Lens –

Throughout the time of having your contact lenses, you may find that the surface of them becomes damaged. This is especially common for those who wear soft contact lenses as they are made from a thinner type of material. You could find that the contact lenses begin to show cracks or tears. Continued wear of damaged contact lenses can lead to conjunctivitis and warping of the cornea and so should be avoided.

common missteps

4. Contact Lens Dryness –

People who wear contact lenses can find that their eyes can become dry. The surface of the contact lens needs to be moist so that it is a comfortable fit for the wearer. The easiest way to combat this is to have some eye drops to hand so that you can moisten your eyes as you need to. This will ensure that you can wear your contact lenses comfortably and enjoy clear vision at all times.check more from http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/nov/23/how-safe-are-contact-lenses

Once you have decided to wear contact lenses, you can do so in comfort if you follow a few tips, and avoid the common mistakes that some others may make.

Can a Contact Lens Really Get Lost in Your Brain?

Contact Lens 2

The idea that a contact lens can really get lost in your brain is a complete misconception. Your lids are actually attached to your eye. So a contact lens can’t get lost behind the eye, in your brain, or travel up into your forehead.

If your contact lens becomes misplaced under your upper lid, there is no risk of any danger. For some people it doesn’t even hurt, just causing a great deal of annoyance and discomfort.

There are however certain techniques that you can adopt should your contact lens become misplaced under your upper lid. Each technique is different, depending on the type of contact lens you are wearing.

Removal of Soft Contact Lenses if They Become Misplaced Under Your Upper Lid

1. Look all the way down to your nose
2. Close your eyes
3. Place the finger of one hand over your lid at the inside corner by your nose
4. Gently rub in one direction toward the ear, along the globe of the eye under the brow
5. Reopen your eye, and you should now find that the contact lens has been dislodged
6. Remove the contact lens

If this hasn’t worked, pull back your upper lid to make sure that your contact lens is still there. Should it still be there, wait for a while and repeat the process again to dislodge the contact lens. It’s like removing skin tags yourself.

Removal of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses if They Become Misplaced Under Your Upper Lid

1. Ensure that you are over a surface so that you don’t lose your contact lens should it fall out
2. Locate the contact lens by holding up your upper lid out of the way and looking down into a mirror
3. Once you have located the lens, lift the upper lid over the contact lens is fully exposed
4. Use the margin on the lid where the lashes grow, and gently push on the upper edge of the contact lens
5. When you have made the proper connection, the contact lens will slide freely
6. You can either slide your contact lens back over the cornea, or pop it out to remove it

Contact lens only usually become dislodged from the eyes surface if rubbed, or if the eye is very dry. If this is beginning to become a regular occurrence, it may be wise to speak with your eye care specialist to double check the type and fit of contact lens that you have prescribed. That’s why you have to read some digital piano reviews.

However, if you wear daily disposable contact lens you may find them becoming misplaced quite often. This is because the surface of the lens is much thinner and can easily move from the centre of the eye.

Contact Lens 2

In contrast, the more conventional thicker contact lenses that you can purchase may be a better option. These types of contact lenses rarely become misplaced under the upper lid.

So, if someone asks you the question “can a contact lens really get lost in the brain?” you can answer with a resounding no. All you need to do is relax, take your time, and you are sure to be able to dislodge the contact lens from under your upper lid with ease following these simple techniques.

Ordering Contact Lenses Online: 5 Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

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With the opportunity to make massive savings when you are ordering contacts lenses online, there are still some considerations that you need to take into account. Your eyesight is very important, and no-one wants to risk putting that in jeopardy just to save some money in the short term.
Although companies who provide contact lenses online in Australia are plentiful, you need to make sure that you are getting the best quality service that all contact lens wearers deserve.read more details at http://www.buydiscountdietpills.com/can-contact-lens-really-get-lost-brain/

Here are 5 Tips for Contact Lens Wearers when they are Ordering Online

1. Be Prepared

Before you begin to order your contact lenses online, you need to have certain relevant documents ready to hand. These include your contact lens prescription, so that you know which type of lens that you need to order. You will also need the details of your eye care practitioner, including their name, telephone number and any fax numbers that they may have.

This is because, any reputable online retailer of contact lenses will endeavour to contact your eye care specialist directly. All to obtain verification of your prescription before completing your order and dispatching your contact lenses. This is a federal law requirement, and should the company you choose when ordering contact lenses online in Australia not do this, then you may wish to reconsider this particular retailer.

2. Don’t Simply Opt for the Cheapest Price

You can be frugal when looking to order your contact lenses online, but that doesn’t mean that you need to opt for the company with the lowest price. By doing this, you may compromise on not only the quality of your contact lens, but you may find that their customer service department is less forthcoming if you have any problems with your order.

3. Be a Smart Shopper

Always read the fine print before your order your contact lenses online in Australia. You will read many promises from the numerous contact lens retailers, all claiming to have the best deals. So, always read into their details carefully to ensure that you can shop smartly when ordering contact lenses online.

Some of the companies that provide contact lenses online will state that you can enjoy “Free Shipping” with your order. Double-check that this isn’t specified to orders of a certain amount or weight. As this will add hidden charges to the cost of your contact lenses, perhaps not making them as cheap as you first thought.

4. Research

It is always important to do your research about the retailer if you are looking into purchasing contact lenses online in Australia. You need to ensure that they have the correct legal certificates to be registered within the country that they trade. Check their formal policies with regard to privacy, shipping, and returns.

You are also able to check the Better Business Bureau online database to ensure that the contact lens retailer has a legitimate mailing address should there be any future complications. It is another wise thing to research how long the company has been in business. To ensure that you are ordering your contact lens for a reputable company, look for those that have been retailers for at least two years.

using Contact Lenses

5. Call Them

This may sound like a strange thing to do when you are looking to order your contact lenses online in Australia, but it will give you an idea of the quality of customer service that you will experience. Should a live person not be available to answer your call, leave them a message. If the company has a good level of customer service, you can expect a response within one business day. This shows the care and dedication that the company will show to its customers who order their contact lenses online with them.

So if you are ordering contact lenses online, implement these 5 tips for contact lens wearers to ensure that you can shop cheaply, yet safely and securely.

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Colored Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are designed to correct your vision, just in the same way as traditional eyeglasses do. They are made with a soft and flexible material, and lay upon the surface of the eye. As they float upon the natural layer of tears within the eye, many people who use contact lenses hardly notice they are wearing them.

Just as eyeglasses do, contact lenses help to compensate for the eyes refractive errors. Thus ensuring that the wearer can focus on an image properly with clear and sharp vision.

Contact Lenses for Those who are Short Sighted

• Short sightedness is also referred to as myopic vision. This means that your eye is focusing light in front of the retina. When you get your prescription from your eye care specialist you will notice the minus (-) symbol being used. The type of contact lens used for short sighted people is at its thinnest in the centre of the lens. This then moves the focal point of light backwards so that it reaches the retina.

Long Sighted Contact Lenses

• Also named hyperopic vision, long sightedness prescriptions have a plus (+) symbol. Those who are long sighted find that the light is more focused toward the back of the retina. Contact lenses for hyperopic vision are thinnest around the edges, thus bringing the lights focus forward.


• This is caused when the cornea is shaped like a rugby ball, rather a spherical ball as it should be. This causes light to bend unequally, creating two focal points. For those people with astigmatism a Toric contact lens is needed. These types of contact lens have different curvatures, bringing the light together into one single focal point for the light.

Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

• Presbyopia is a natural condition that occurs in some people as they age. It is caused by the lens of the eye hardening and thickening, so that their ability to focus decreases. In this instance, both near and far sight correction is needed. Therefore, your eye care specialist will recommend either bifocal or multifocal contact lenses.

• The type of contact lens that your eye care practitioner prescribes will depend on how the presbyopia is affecting you.

1. There are some contact lenses that have the near vision correction at the centre of the lens, with the distance correction surrounding it.

2. A type of bifocal contact lens with the distance correction and the top and the near at the bottom.

Colored Cosmetic Contact Lenses

3. Or there is a contact lens that has both elements of correction near the centre of the lens.

Now that you know how contact lenses work, you know which type of lens you personally require following the prescription details given to you by your eye care practitioner. You could choose to purchase your contact lenses online in Australia. Offering an easy ordering process and speedy delivery to any address throughout Australia, you could have your new contact lenses within days. Taking advantage of the many discounts available when you order contact lenses online.

What you Need to Know about Wearing Blue Contact Lenses

contact lense

Lately, I have seen many people around me wearblue contact lenses. I have always adored people with blue eyes. I just think blue eyes are mesmerizing and piercing – like they can see through your soul. But I was not born with blue eyes. I don’t take this as a disadvantage because I think brown eyes are still great.

It’s just that blue eyes are so captivating. This is why I decided to get in the blue contacts bandwagon, too. Wearing my blue contacts really made a huge difference with my overall appearance. But before you decide to wear blue contacts as well, there are some things you need to know about wearing blue contacts.

Key Factors to Remember about Blue Contact Lenses

No matter how charming blue eyes can look, it doesn’t look great on everyone. I mean, even if you see a blonde girl such as Paris Hilton and a brunette such as Alexis Bledel both with blue eyes does not mean that it will look great on you, too. Hair color really does play a huge factor but that does not mean that just because you have the same hair color as them, blue eyes will also look great on you.

Your skin tone will also factor in which can make your appearance look great with blue eyes or look dull with blue eyes. Another thing that you need to remember is that, you have to constantly check whether your contacts are still in place or not. Sometimes, even the slightest blink of an eye can slide the contacts to a different direction making it appear unnatural. This happens a lot of time to me and it can happen with your blue contacts, too.

Are Blue Contact Lenses Safe to Use?

This is a question I get asked all the time. A lot of people know that I use contact lenses for aesthetic purposes and other people use it to correct their vision. This is why sometimes people ask if it is safe to use even if you don’t want to correct your vision. Any colored contacts, in general, are actually very safe to use. They are not prescriptive lenses and do not have a grade so it doesn’t really alter your vision. This only colors your eyes, giving it a different look. It doesn’t do anything more than that so yes, it is very safe to use.

Do I need Prescription to Buy Contacts?

contact lense

I believe that in some countries, it is indeed required to have a prescription from the optometrist before you can purchase blue contacts or any other contacts for that matter. But there are also some countries where you can freely buy contacts whenever you want for aesthetic purposes. If you want to make sure just ask your doctor about it or if the seller will accept you buying contacts without prescription (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2852293/Gabi-Grecko-s-spooky-green-contact-lenses-just-manages-distract-ample-cleavage-night-out.html).

From Brown to BlueI really love blue eyes and ever since I started using it, people have noticed how glowing I look. Don’t worry as contacts are definitely very safe to use. If you want tohavethe piercing stare that can mesmerize people, wear blue contact lenses, too and beguile everyone that you will meet.

Buy Blue Contact Lenses

blue eyed ladies

People who were born with natural green or brown eyes choose to buy blue contact lenses to alter the color of their eyes and the best way to accomplish this is by donning blue colored contact lenses. Today, with a lot of enhancement in technology, especially in the eye health care sector, you can simply change the color of your eyes whether to match your clothing and outfit, your favorite color, or simply match your mood.

A lot of people buy blue contact lenses either for complete make-over or just a simple enhancement of their natural light or pale blue eye color. If you require altering the natural color of your eye, whether it’s green, brown, black, and even light blue, wearing blue color contacts is the best way to do it. Contacts lens are simply amazing since they greatly enhance your looks and appearance to make you more radiating, beautiful, and stunning. Some people are typically tired of having the same eye color everyday and since colored contacts are definitely popular these days, they buy blue contact lenses just to enhance their lifestyle in general.more amazing contact lenses here at http://www.pinterest.com/cinnomonroll17/amazing-contacts/

What makes blue contact lenses popular and much sought after among people who love to wear contacts? Well, blue colored contacts are simply gorgeous and beautiful, as it easily blends in whatever outfit you wear. It also creates a striking and mesmerizing aura in your eyes that radiates all over you. It is also the rarest among the natural eye colors, which is why blue colored contacts are that popular and in-demand. Donning blue colored contacts will surely get you noticed in the crowd and some people love to draw attention to themselves, especially in parties, gatherings, and any other events for that matter.

When you buy blue contact lenses, consider first the look or appearance that you would like to project. If you need something that is unique or rare in the eyes of people, you can easily do that by donning blue colored contacts. If you already have a pair of blue eyes, but are a little light, you can buy blue contact lenses that are the enhancer types. These enhancer contacts can definitely boost or augment the natural color of your eyes and in this case your light blue eyes. They softly change the color of your natural light blue eyes into a much darker hue enhancing them to be more noticeable and strikingly beautiful. These enhancement colored contacts are very much ideal for people that have pale or light blue eyes or any other eye color, as they work and blend to your eyes the natural color.

You can buy blue contact lenses in many optical stores, beauty shops, your optometrist, and most preferably online. Blue colored contact lenses are available to anyone who requires changing their natural eye color. They also come in prescription and non prescription colored contacts. Although, caution is highly recommended in donning these blue colored contacts or any other colored contacts for that matter, as consulting your eye doctor is highly advisable before you buy blue contact lenses. Likewise, keep in mind to follow the right and proper way of handling and taking care of your blue colored contacts in order to avoid any eye health issues.

If you desire to alter the color of your eyes completely, you should buy blue contact lenses that are opaque. These opaque contacts can significantly change the color of your eyes to blue color, as even those low costing blue colored opaque type contacts can change the looks and appearance of your eyes completely. However, these opaque contacts do not brighten your eyes, as they only alter the actual color. Contacts that are opaque are fun to wear, as sometimes they also change your total facial look or appearance in every event or gathering you attend to. Donning these blue colored opaque lenses can surely draw attention and sometime makes you the center of attraction.

blue eyed ladies

If you have certain eye conditions such as astigmatism or myopia, there’s no reason why you can’t wear blue cored contacts. These blue colored contacts or any other colored can now be easily acquired with prescription, as these are totally different from cosmetic type contacts. These fashion blue colored contacts are ideal for those people who require changing or enhancing their eye color, while at the same time correct their vision or eyesight in the process. It is well recommended to ask your eye doctor for these types of colored contact, as they can easily prescribe these contacts or recommend where you can buy blue contact lenses of these types. Don’t let your vision prevent you from having some fun, as these blue colored contacts or any other color, prescribed or not can surely help you enjoy yourself and acquire the attention that you need.

Black Contact Lenses

black contacts lenses

Do You Want to Buy Black Contact Lenses?

Deep dark black eyes merely look gorgeous and stunning. Nonetheless, just a few individuals have black eyes. Particularly, girls with pitch black eyes usually stand out and look dazzling. Typically, frequent eye colours for most individuals are brown and hazel but thanks to black contact lenses, those who have completely different eye colour can now achieve the great thing about possessing such black eyes. Black contact lenses are indeed a blessing for many girls (and guys) who need to look beautiful and exceptionally classy which will be solely achieved if in case you have black eyes.

Dark contacts, like many different contacts, come in variations that have corrective features for folks with sight problems while also giving you a glamorous look. Many fashions and celebrities wear them to strikingly stand out from the crowd. Generally in movies you may discover in a close-up shot of a female character that she has beautiful eyes, this could be due to the contacts she is wearing. Typically, this tells us that dark contacts are common in vogue and entertainment.

If you wish to try out dark contacts, they are accessible at eye wear shops, or you can get them from an optician. There are completely different hues and designs accessible to make it simpler for you to fit dark contacts in to your model and personality. take a look at more info from http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2014/11/11/go-online-to-see-savings-on-glasses/

On-line stores such as the most reputable Coco Contacts additionally offer black contacts. There, you will be able to search out varied designs and styles; the more your browse – the more your chances of getting an excellent deal. You too can get perks similar to free shipping and supply of your purchase.

Like mentioned above, pitch black contacts are a popular variety. They are beautiful and attention-grabbing. For some, they are too black and thus discover them a bit scary while others love and put on them that way.
You need to take into account that these contacts are similar to any of the contact lenses in the market. They have to be handled correctly, especially when they are applied on the eyes. It’s important to do the mandatory measures in their application. You can possibly get recommendation from eye experts as they will help you with the correct means of utilizing your black contact lenses.

black contacts lenses

Also, you need to make it fashionable by your black contact lenses blending with the kind of outfit you are planning to wear. Whereas these contact lenses fit simply as good with any costume, nonetheless you can get essentially the most out of your contacts by carrying the proper outfit to go with your look.checkout more!

If you wish to look elegant and a steal spotlight, go out and get your pair of black contact lenses. Black contact lenses surely add to your appeal and beauty.