The Four Most Common Contact Lens Problems

common missteps

Should you decide to switch to contact lenses rather than wearing your more traditional eyeglasses, there are some common contact lens problems that you need to be aware of. The care and maintenance of your contact lenses is an important factor to ensure that you don’t encounter problems that can affect the health of your vision.

When you get your new contact lenses from your eye care specialist, they will advise you about their care so that your vision remains crisp and clear while wearing them. However, there are some problems that can occur with your contact lenses that if you can avoid will ensure you don’t experience any discomfort while wearing them.

The Four Most Common Contact Lens Problems Are:

1. Poor Lens Fit –

Though the contact lens may feel comfortable at the first fitting, as time passes you may find them becoming increasingly more irritating. This could be due to the fact that the fitting is either too tight or too loose.
Should the fitting be too tight, if you continue to wear your contact lenses you are at an increased risk of developing tight lens syndrome. This is a condition that can potentially cause damage to your cornea.

When the fitting of your contact lens is too loose, you may find that the lens easily moves across the surface of your eye. You may feel it become misplaced beneath your upper lid, which can prove to be irritating. People who experience their contact lenses having a loose fitting will find that they have a varying level of vision each time they blink.

2. Poor Contact Lens Maintenance –

When you decide to wear contact lenses it is important that you care for them as instructed by your eye care specialist. That includes cleaning them in the appropriate solution, and ensuring that your contact lens holder is kept fully disinfected. Otherwise you will find that protein deposits build up on the surface of the contact lens, and they will become infected with bacteria. This will make the contact lenses uncomfortable to wear, and will irritate the surface of your eye.

3. Damage to the Contact Lens –

Throughout the time of having your contact lenses, you may find that the surface of them becomes damaged. This is especially common for those who wear soft contact lenses as they are made from a thinner type of material. You could find that the contact lenses begin to show cracks or tears. Continued wear of damaged contact lenses can lead to conjunctivitis and warping of the cornea and so should be avoided.

common missteps

4. Contact Lens Dryness –

People who wear contact lenses can find that their eyes can become dry. The surface of the contact lens needs to be moist so that it is a comfortable fit for the wearer. The easiest way to combat this is to have some eye drops to hand so that you can moisten your eyes as you need to. This will ensure that you can wear your contact lenses comfortably and enjoy clear vision at all times.check more from

Once you have decided to wear contact lenses, you can do so in comfort if you follow a few tips, and avoid the common mistakes that some others may make.

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