About Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

Many people have chosen contact lenses Australia to accent their eyes. Originally contact lenses were designed to replace the annoying glasses to help with people’s vision. Glasses after a while become irritating and they have a tendency to slide around on your face. Many children have been bullied and made fun of because of having to wear glasses. Because of the hassle of having to wear glasses on their face, many people have switched to contact lenses to help their vision. Of course it was to the eye doctor as usual to get the correct prescription and size of the contacts.

Do They Still Help The Vision?

Today the contacts are now made in color designed. Most are still prescription so it is a trip to the eye doctor for the correct prescription and size, but are also used as a fashion statement. There are a variety of different colors to change the colors of a person’s eye and certain treatments that will enhance a person’s natural color of their own eyes. These have become quite popular and have become quite a trend in eye wear. These are available in longer wear and disposable that are designed to only be worn a short period of time.

Why Are They So Popular?

• Can be gotten in different colors to match your outfits

• Can be gotten to fit your eyes without vision correction for color

• Can be gotten in longer wear

• Can be gotten in short term disposables

• They can make a fashion statement for the wearer

Why Do People Choose Them?

Most people will choose the contact lenses over the glasses because they feel more confident in contacts than they do wearing glasses. With the selection of various colors, it can help to make a fashion statement to where a person can obtain boxes of different colors to wear with different outfits. A person who has brown eyes and thinks that they look better with blue eyes can choose to order them in the color blue and it makes them feel better about themselves and the way that they look. When the colors are selected without the corrective vision, it is best to go to the eye doctor and get measured for the proper size so that they will fit properly.

Coloured Contact Lenses

When the lenses are selected to enhance the normal eye color, they are normally vision correction lenses. There are three basics tints that are added to the normal contacts. A tint is added that does not affect the eye color but helps to make finding your lens easier if you drop it or it slips out of your eye.

Of course there is a color tint that is added to the coloured contacts to give them that color that the patient wants to order. If you are wearing disposable lenses do not wear them any longer than the recommended length of time that is on the package. This could cause infections and eye irritations. Enjoy and choose the best contact lens that suits your lifestyle.

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