Can a Contact Lens Really Get Lost in Your Brain?

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The idea that a contact lens can really get lost in your brain is a complete misconception. Your lids are actually attached to your eye. So a contact lens can’t get lost behind the eye, in your brain, or travel up into your forehead.

If your contact lens becomes misplaced under your upper lid, there is no risk of any danger. For some people it doesn’t even hurt, just causing a great deal of annoyance and discomfort.

There are however certain techniques that you can adopt should your contact lens become misplaced under your upper lid. Each technique is different, depending on the type of contact lens you are wearing.

Removal of Soft Contact Lenses if They Become Misplaced Under Your Upper Lid

1. Look all the way down to your nose
2. Close your eyes
3. Place the finger of one hand over your lid at the inside corner by your nose
4. Gently rub in one direction toward the ear, along the globe of the eye under the brow
5. Reopen your eye, and you should now find that the contact lens has been dislodged
6. Remove the contact lens

If this hasn’t worked, pull back your upper lid to make sure that your contact lens is still there. Should it still be there, wait for a while and repeat the process again to dislodge the contact lens. It’s like removing skin tags yourself.

Removal of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses if They Become Misplaced Under Your Upper Lid

1. Ensure that you are over a surface so that you don’t lose your contact lens should it fall out
2. Locate the contact lens by holding up your upper lid out of the way and looking down into a mirror
3. Once you have located the lens, lift the upper lid over the contact lens is fully exposed
4. Use the margin on the lid where the lashes grow, and gently push on the upper edge of the contact lens
5. When you have made the proper connection, the contact lens will slide freely
6. You can either slide your contact lens back over the cornea, or pop it out to remove it

Contact lens only usually become dislodged from the eyes surface if rubbed, or if the eye is very dry. If this is beginning to become a regular occurrence, it may be wise to speak with your eye care specialist to double check the type and fit of contact lens that you have prescribed. That’s why you have to read some digital piano reviews.

However, if you wear daily disposable contact lens you may find them becoming misplaced quite often. This is because the surface of the lens is much thinner and can easily move from the centre of the eye.

Contact Lens 2

In contrast, the more conventional thicker contact lenses that you can purchase may be a better option. These types of contact lenses rarely become misplaced under the upper lid.

So, if someone asks you the question “can a contact lens really get lost in the brain?” you can answer with a resounding no. All you need to do is relax, take your time, and you are sure to be able to dislodge the contact lens from under your upper lid with ease following these simple techniques.

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